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Meet the Izooble Team: Ton van de Ven!

Ton: a bundle of energy, ideas, and optimistic perseverance. A couple of years ago, this world-traveler came with the idea for Izooble (how exactly, he’ll tell you here) – and he’s been leading the Izooble train ever since! You won’t find Ton in an office wearing a suit. All Ton needs is his camper, laptop, a good Internet connection, and his girlfriend of course.

Together with his growing team, Ton is always thinking ahead, working on the next big thing: Izooble!

Ton, where are you now?
I’m in Portugal right now, working my ass off getting Izooble ready to launch from my mobile office ;).

How did you come up with Izooble?
I came up with idea for Izooble while wasting time finding the right stuff online.  I got fed up with the cluttered feeds full of advertisements and privacy issues.

Thoughts for other start-ups?
What I’ve learned from having my own start-up is that you need to persevere and never lose focus no matter what they throw at you and that it are the crazy ones that change the world ;) 

Your current favorite app/book/movie?
I currently don’t read or watch movies a lot but my favorite app is any.Do, fav. book; the naked ape (desmond morris), fav. movie;  Intouchables

Name one thing you’re most proud of?
Hmmm only one ;) Traveling the world (42 countries) and climbing the himalayas, completely on my own for 4 weeks concurring passes with 50% less oxygen and only my daypack and a -20c sleeping bag to rely on. 

What makes you happy?
Travelling, my pregnant GF, and going back to basic. And the most important thing that makes me happy is the fact that I’ve learned while travelling to the poorest countries in the world, that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything but make the best of everything.

Wise words?
If you believe in something good go for it.