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3 Easy Tricks to Improve Your Online Privacy!

It’s what everyone (and their mother) seems to be talking about: online privacy! Here are 3 easy tricks to quickly improve your personal online privacy:

1) Install Adblock Plus

This is the first thing I recommend everyone to do: install Adblock plus (Firefox/Chrome). Adblock plus does what its name implies: it blocks ads from showing up on your browser. This makes for a much cleaner user experience, and if you do want to see ads on certain websites – it also allows you to mark specific websites as whitelisted so that blocks are not performed.

2) Stop cookie tracking

The next thing you should do, is let your cookies expire when you exit your browser – and disallow third-party cookies. This is very simple to do. Here’s the quick explanation for Chrome:
Go to your settings menu, and scroll to the bottom to click on “Show advanced settings.” Then, look for “privacy” and click on “content settings.” Now, check 2 things:
- “keep local data only until I quit my browser/for current session”
– “Block third-party cookies and site data”

3) Browse privately


I browse incognito in Chrome the majority of the time I spend online. It’s pretty much the same experience, except:
– all history is deleted once you close the browser
– all cookies are destroyed once you close the browser
– bookmarks and non-private history are preserved

How do you browse privately? It’s simple. Different browsers have different ways (and names) for browsing in private:
– Chrome: Click on file, select “new incognito window”
– Firefox: Click on orange menu, select “start private browsing”
– Internet Explorer: Click on settings (gear symbol top right corner), go to “safety” and select “InPrivate Browsing.”

There you go! 3 very simple ways to quickly make your internet experience much more private.

Online Privacy: How did we get here? Documentary

Grab some coffee, and perhaps a notepad – and get ready for some serious online privacy thoughts in this great PBS short-documentary! 
My favorite quote: “Using social media is nog longer a choice for those who wish to remain relevant and engaged” – so let’s make sure you can do so privately and securely!
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If only we could turn our Internet privacy on with just one button…

We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.

William O. Douglas. (1898!!!)

So you might not have heard, but today is ‘online privacy day’! I’m not sure if that’s something to celebrate or mourn. Perhaps today is just a good day to think about the importance of privacy online, and how intrusion of privacy is affecting people. Here’s a great infographic I found that will get you thinking:

At Izooble, we don’t believe in advertisements. We don’t want your private information, you can keep that personal. 
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