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Meet the Izooble Team: Jacek Rzeszutek!

You know those people who create absolute magical things by tapping away on their keyboard? Well, that’s Jacek Rzeszutek! He’s the guy who’ll ensure the Izooble platform will run smoothly technically. Jacek just joined the Izooble team as a developer, perfect time to get to know this adventurous Polish man a bit better :)
Why did you join Izooble?

Because I wanted to work in a cool startup where things are really innovative, I wanted to work with great and inspiring people, and I wanted to experience a real adventure :)

Inspire us! What’s your current favorite app/book/movie?
- Evernote, Anki, Duolingo, Twitter
- Pelna moc mozliwosci (polish book by Jacek Walkiewicz, not translated yet)
- The Wolf of Wall Street

Jacek, your house is on fire! If you only had 5 things to take out, what would it be?


Every Izoobler needs to have excellent taste. Hence, what’s your favorite viral video?

You’re beautiful the way you are Jacek. One thing you’d change about yourself if you could?

I would like to have afro hairstyle instead of receding hairline :P

Finish: “I’m proud of…”
meeting all the people that I have met during my life :)

Lastly, who should be put in the spotlight next?

Arslan :)