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Meet the Izooble Team: Ton van de Ven!

Ton: a bundle of energy, ideas, and optimistic perseverance. A couple of years ago, this world-traveler came with the idea for Izooble (how exactly, he’ll tell you here) – and he’s been leading the Izooble train ever since! You won’t find Ton in an office wearing a suit. All Ton needs is his camper, laptop, a good Internet connection, and his girlfriend of course.

Together with his growing team, Ton is always thinking ahead, working on the next big thing: Izooble!

Ton, where are you now?
I’m in Portugal right now, working my ass off getting Izooble ready to launch from my mobile office ;).

How did you come up with Izooble?
I came up with idea for Izooble while wasting time finding the right stuff online.  I got fed up with the cluttered feeds full of advertisements and privacy issues.

Thoughts for other start-ups?
What I’ve learned from having my own start-up is that you need to persevere and never lose focus no matter what they throw at you and that it are the crazy ones that change the world ;) 

Your current favorite app/book/movie?
I currently don’t read or watch movies a lot but my favorite app is any.Do, fav. book; the naked ape (desmond morris), fav. movie;  Intouchables

Name one thing you’re most proud of?
Hmmm only one ;) Traveling the world (42 countries) and climbing the himalayas, completely on my own for 4 weeks concurring passes with 50% less oxygen and only my daypack and a -20c sleeping bag to rely on. 

What makes you happy?
Travelling, my pregnant GF, and going back to basic. And the most important thing that makes me happy is the fact that I’ve learned while travelling to the poorest countries in the world, that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything but make the best of everything.

Wise words?
If you believe in something good go for it.

Izooblers at work

The talented guys and gal who make the Izooble app run smooth technically: the Izooble developers hard at work! See the amount of caffeinated drinks? I’m sure that says it all ;)

Arslan, Egbert, Emin and Aleksandra working at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. 

Financial Times: ‘Bright Future for Eindhoven High Tech Campus’!

Of course, we already knew amazing things are happening at Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus, but it’s wonderful to have it recognized by the Financial Times!
It placed Eindhoven 3rd in Europe’s best investment climate after London and Helsinki.

Never before has a Dutch city been so high on its list!

“The heart of the high-tech Brainport region, is an excellent place to invest in the future according to the British financial authority. With its place in the top three, Eindhoven has made an unprecedented leap in the fDi rankings, which…”read more. 

Meet the Izooble team: Arslan Maushov!


Some guys can do it all: engineering, programming, AND play guitar! He’s just missing one thing… a dolphin’s brain?!

Arslan Maushov is a creative tech enthusiast with a bachelor in software engineering. Arslan is from Russia, goes to Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven, and just joined the Izooble team! 

Hi Arslan! Why did you join Izooble?
I was looking for a startup company that was going to create something revolutionary and big. Thanks to my friends Emin and Aleksandra who told me about Izooble and introduced me to them. I found the crew very passionate and enthusiastic about their idea, they had clear vision and ridiculously friendly environment, that’s why I joined them :p
What should all Izooblers know about you?

I dedicate half of my time to music :)

Current favorite app/book/movie?
‘Starting Out with C++: Early Objects’ by Tony Gadis
The Matrix
Favorite viral video: 
If you only had 5 things to take out your burning house, what would it be?


Some book
Some artwork
One thing you’d change about yourself if you could?
Have a dolphin’s brain so I can code while other half of the brain is sleeping, and so on.
Endless coding!
Lastly, which Izoobler should be put in the spotlight next? :)
Emin :D

Meet the Izooble Team: Jacek Rzeszutek!

You know those people who create absolute magical things by tapping away on their keyboard? Well, that’s Jacek Rzeszutek! He’s the guy who’ll ensure the Izooble platform will run smoothly technically. Jacek just joined the Izooble team as a developer, perfect time to get to know this adventurous Polish man a bit better :)
Why did you join Izooble?

Because I wanted to work in a cool startup where things are really innovative, I wanted to work with great and inspiring people, and I wanted to experience a real adventure :)

Inspire us! What’s your current favorite app/book/movie?
- Evernote, Anki, Duolingo, Twitter
- Pelna moc mozliwosci (polish book by Jacek Walkiewicz, not translated yet)
- The Wolf of Wall Street

Jacek, your house is on fire! If you only had 5 things to take out, what would it be?


Every Izoobler needs to have excellent taste. Hence, what’s your favorite viral video?

You’re beautiful the way you are Jacek. One thing you’d change about yourself if you could?

I would like to have afro hairstyle instead of receding hairline :P

Finish: “I’m proud of…”
meeting all the people that I have met during my life :)

Lastly, who should be put in the spotlight next?

Arslan :) 


Online Privacy: How did we get here? Documentary

Grab some coffee, and perhaps a notepad – and get ready for some serious online privacy thoughts in this great PBS short-documentary! 
My favorite quote: “Using social media is nog longer a choice for those who wish to remain relevant and engaged” – so let’s make sure you can do so privately and securely!
Izooble. Find what matters.

At Izooble, we don’t believe in advertisements. We don’t want your private information, you can keep that personal. 
We base your online experience on your circle of friends, so you can get rid of all the noise.

Izooble: Find what matters.