Meet the Izooble team: Arslan Maushov!


Some guys can do it all: engineering, programming, AND play guitar! He’s just missing one thing… a dolphin’s brain?!

Arslan Maushov is a creative tech enthusiast with a bachelor in software engineering. Arslan is from Russia, goes to Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven, and just joined the Izooble team! 

Hi Arslan! Why did you join Izooble?
I was looking for a startup company that was going to create something revolutionary and big. Thanks to my friends Emin and Aleksandra who told me about Izooble and introduced me to them. I found the crew very passionate and enthusiastic about their idea, they had clear vision and ridiculously friendly environment, that’s why I joined them :p
What should all Izooblers know about you?

I dedicate half of my time to music :)

Current favorite app/book/movie?
‘Starting Out with C++: Early Objects’ by Tony Gadis
The Matrix
Favorite viral video: 
If you only had 5 things to take out your burning house, what would it be?


Some book
Some artwork
One thing you’d change about yourself if you could?
Have a dolphin’s brain so I can code while other half of the brain is sleeping, and so on.
Endless coding!
Lastly, which Izoobler should be put in the spotlight next? :)
Emin :D

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