Meet the Izooble Team: Emin Thaqi!

Motivated, talented, and proud to be part of the Izooble team: Emin Thaqi. Emin helps with both back-and front-end development of the web appliciation, he’s an adventurous climber and soccer player, and if he could pick one place in the world, he’d fly to Bora Bora right now!


Izooble Emin Thaqi Developer

Emin, you’re from Kosovo. I’m curious, why did you come to the Netherlands?
I’ve been meaning to study abroad for quite a while. I knew that the Netherlands offers prestige higher education in English language.
I was involved and volunteered for some NGOs in Kosovo. Around 2009 I came in the Netherlands, stichting Olde Vechte to participate in a voluntary program (EVS). During that time I looked and found the best school for me, Fontys ICT – Eindhoven.

What’s the funniest Dutch thing you’ve seen yet?
Maybe not Dutch, but I’ve seen them in the Netherlands, mouth-shaped urinals in a well known fast-food restaurant.

What excites you about Izooble?
I liked the project and the modern technology that’s being used, it matches very well with my knowledge and things that I want to work with.

During my interview I was impressed by the approach and modesty of the Izooble officials.
I believe Izooble has a nice vision and the right people to create a modern app that delivers a great experience for its users. It’s exciting to be part of it :).

What should all Izooblers know about you?
I really like football, and I have a very good team in Eindhoven :).

What’s your favorite current: app, book, movie?

  • App(ish): HTC’s Blinkfeed
  • Books: The General of the Dead Army by Ismail Kadare. Starting Out with C++: From Control Structures through Objects by Tony Gaddis
  • Movies: I like movies a lot, and it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite, but here are some that come from the top of my head: The Dark Knight; The Matrix; Fight Club; Terminator 2; Pulp Fiction; The Godfather…

Favorite viral video?

What does your name ‘Emin’ mean?
Emin originates from an Arabic and/or Turkish word which means trustworthy or faithful.

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