Meet the Izooble team: Mark Bevers!

Mark Bevers is the head of business development for Izooble, and works as the right-hand of Ton, the founder of Izooble. If you’re part of the Izooble family, you gotta love to travel. Mark loves to ski, drive his car, and is a true family man. But Mark also can’t wait to share Izooble with the world!

mark bevers izooble

Mark, what excites you about Izooble? 
What really excites me about Izooble is the passion of everybody working on it. I enjoy seeing everybody enthusiastic and committed to make it a success. Of course I also like the fact that when you tell your friends or even complete strangers about the concept they understand and agree to the fact that this is the next step in successful social networking. This is what we all have been waiting for. What else can you be excited about then?

Working as the right-hand of Ton, how do you help each other? 
As we all know Ton is a very enthusiastic guy and wants to do everything at the same time, and right now. He is good in being creative and thinking of the next steps. I on the other hand am a type of guy that wants to finish what he started and needs to work structured and organized. In this we can help each other and make sure everything gets done in the right time and really hits the surface. What I’m also trying to do is to bring some structure in the company. Ton has been used to working alone or with a small team for the last couple of years. But now we are looking forward to a successful company that needs to grow fast and has some real shareholders that all need to be satisfied and want to agree to the company’s policy. I need to remember Ton on this. :-)

What are the most important ways to get funding/investments as a start-up? (oh yes, try to summarize this ha!)
This is a really hard one. Not only because there are so many ways to raise money. More important is the question if you really need the money, in what period of time and against which conditions. For now we are not even sure we really want the money, because if we are going to be a success we only need a bit of money for a very small period of time. Why give away the opportunity then? If we do want some money there are a couple of main possibilities. 1) Investors and 2) Crowdfunding. On the other hand, if we really believe in this social network why wouldn’t it be an option to go for option number 3): participation of our own staff? 

What’s your current favorite app/movie/book?
To be honest I’m that much into looking for new apps. I use a lot of apps, but am very consistent in which ones I use. Mainly apps for doing business or being informed about whats going on. I hardly use the current social networks. But then again I trust our ideas and am sure I will be using Izooble in the near future. I’m not that much into reading. The story of Facebook is already on my nightstand for over a year. :-)
Movies I like a lot. In my home I have a very interesting HiFi system so I can really enjoy a good movie and am in tears regularly. I’m so touchy lately. One of my favorite movies is “Intouchables”. It’s a very good, touching and also funny movie. I love it. And of course I’m a guy so I also like the more action stuff movies.

Where are you from, and where do you live now?
I was born in the north of The Netherlands, in a small town called Gieten. It’s a very small community. There lived about 5,000 inhabitants in that time and people all seemed to know each other. I liked it when I was young, but since I went to university I didn’t return anymore. Of course I visited Gieten when my parents still lived in this town, but I never had the desire to go back. Nowadays I live in Deventer, also in the Netherlands, a nice and ancient city in the middle of our country. I really like it a lot and have no plans in moving.

Mark Bevers IzoobleWhat makes you happy?
My wife and family. And not only because she would like to read it. It really is true. Together with Marees I have 5 children. Three of them are mine and two of them are Marees kids. They have the ages of 10 to 20 and we really are a nice family. Of course we have had our ups and downs being a composite family but we have a lot of fun now. What would make me happy is a success story of Izooble!

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to watch and go to the movies. I also drive a nice car and like to spent some time in it with my wife driving around and enjoy our beautiful Europe. Just the two of us. We love it. In winter times I love to go skiing in the Alpes. This year I probably won’t go, because of other priorities, but I hardly can’t wait. In general I like to travel a lot. I love New York for example. Marees and I engaged there and would love to go shopping there every weekend :-).

(In the pictures I still have hair. You won’t see me like that anymore.)

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