Successful Demo Day!


Smiles, handshakes, and lots of happy faces all around: the Izooble demo day was one big success! All Izooblers left hugging and high-fiving, very excited to be part of this ride.

Investors, team-members, and others interested in Izooble were given a demonstration of the latest Izooble version, a presentation on marketing and the plans for the coming months. And even though this was one of our very first meetups, we all felt the excitement and anticipation in the air.¬†We couldn’t be more fired up about our future!

To everyone who was there: THANK YOU for coming. We are so happy you’ve joined our Izooble team!

Here are some demo day pictures:


  • izooble_demo_day_1
  • izooble_demo_day_9
  • izooble_demo_day_7
  • izooble_demo_day_8
  • izooble_demo_day_4
  • izooble_demo_day_3
  • izooble_demo_day_2
  • izooble_demo_day_5
  • izooble_demo_day_6


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