Meet the Izooble team: Marco de Groot!

Marco is a big drive behind the Izooble development team. Even though he wasn’t planning on working for Izooble, he found the challenge too tempting, and this tech master has joined us since January! When he’s not staring at his screen, Marco likes to ride his bike or walk in nature.

Izooble marco de groot senior developer- What’s the coolest thing about Izooble?
It’s clear what the product is, and it’s not the customer. So no hidden tricks to sell information about you.

- How/when did you join the Izooble family?
I’ve been introduced to Izooble by Mark around December 2013. My plan for the first few months of 2014 were; doing nothing (at least not working). But somehow the plan failed and I’ve joined Izooble since January. It seemed like fun and the challenge was just too tempting!

- Where are you from, where have you lived?
Currently I live in Almere, just near the Oostvaardersplassen (and yes, it’s a beautiful movie, but De nieuwe wildernis is not my favorite). Before Almere it was Amsterdam, Amersfoort and born in Utrecht. Seeing this list, I think Eindhoven, Oosterwijk, Ilpendam could be future cities for me!

- You’re an author? Tell us more!
Somehow a few people got the idea to write a book SQL and a some years later a book about Model-Driven Development. The books are not about features and products, but about principles. Trying to show, and learn, the reader why and how. My biggest involvement in the books was technical knowledge and writing software to support the books. Both books are filled with examples where thre readers can easily try things themselves!

- When you’re not at your computer, what do you do?
I’d like to ride my bike or walk in nature and I try to make some time for reading, but somehow computers always keep asking for attention. And of course I love to watch movies and series. After a hard day of work, just staring at the screen without thinking too much.

- Your favorite app/book/movie at the moment?
My favorite movie at the moment; technically of course Gravity, just amazing. The only recent movie I’ve seen more than one time is Life of Pi, so in a way it’s a favorite.

My favorite app: hmmmm, it isn’t an app, but I’d like to nominate my whole Jolla phone as favorite!

My favorite book: the two books I’m trying to finish: “Thinking fast and slow” and “Price of Inequality” (ahum, this list has been steady for a few months, moving page by page)

- Your proudest moment?
The moment I can remember best; more than 10 years ago we developed a software program for a company with a small team. It took quite some time to develop, working many hours a day and the new program was really a major change for the customer. Finally we went live, and the first day passed without any major issues. When we drove home, really exhausted, we realized; we did it!

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