Meet the Izooble Team: ALEKSANDRA WROŃSKA!

Adventurous. Independent. Talented.
Meet Aleksandra, or Ola, our Polish developer who came to the Netherlands 5 years ago. This is a powerwoman who knows what she wants. And right now, that’s making Izooble a success. We’re very happy to have Ola on our team!

Aleksandra IzoobleWhy/when did you move to the Netherlands?
I came to Holland about five years ago for a European Voluntary Service (EVS). I participated and organized self-development trainings open for all countries and at all ages at Stichting Olde Vechte, Ommen, The Netherlands. I could never stay in Poland for long, the moment I turned 18 I started traveling around Europe.

What excites you about Izooble?
I am excited to be a part of the team that is not afraid to stand up to big companies. I am excited to be part of the team that speaks for users and reclaims their right to find best products without putting up with spam and advertisements.

What’s the deal with your name: Aleksandra or Ola? 
My full first name is Aleksandra and just like most full names, it has a short form. It’s not “Aleks” nor “Sandra” but “Ola”. To make it even more confusing Ola and Olga are two different names. It is one of the very few questions which even google cannot answer.

POI Aleksandra IzoobleI never heard about ‘poi’ until I knew you. Tell me more about it!
POI is a performance art that originated from New Zeeland. It involves swinging two tethered weights in various geometric patterns. I started practicing it when I was in Denmark. The most beautiful POI performances are the ones with fire or LED POIs. It is a great hobby and pretty challenging coordination exercise.

What’s the strangest Dutch thing you’ve seen yet?
Dutch people try to keep everything in order. They make sure that trees grow in a line and that rivers flow straight. They even fix streets or buildings that are not even broken. Of course, it’s an advantage but it’s a very uncommon behavior for Polish people.

What should all Izooblers know about you?
I was a scout for many years so I know how to survive in a forest (yes, I have earned many scout badges). I did parachute jumping for my 18th birthday, it was a gift from my sister. I enjoy doing tricks on ice; playing guitar; travelling; painting and drawing.

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