Welcome to Izooble

Imagine an online world without advertisements, irrelevant search results, and privacy issues. 

At Izooble, we believe you (your network, your preferences) should be the basis for everything you find online. That’s why we developed a revolutionary new search technology that gets rid of all ads, privacy issues and impersonal search results.

Say, you’re looking for a good running app. With Izooble, you don’t get noisy ads and fake recommendations by strangers. Instead, you find the app your brother recommends (yep, the guy who actually ran the NYC marathon and can’t shut up about it). You see his rating first, because your brother’s opinion on sports matters to you. 
But – you could definitely do without his crazy obsession with the Twilight series, so you simply block all updates on books from your brother. It’s that simple!
By defining specifically what you’re interested in per person, you simply only see what matters to you, by the people who matter to you!

With Izooble, you can:
- block what you don’t want (ads, privacy notifications, unwanted info)
- find what you do want (personal search results & personal feed)
- discover what you might want (personalize & pull preferences)

Best of all: we don’t run any advertisements, and so we don’t care about your personal information. You can keep that personal!

In order to be a fully private and non-ads platform, Izooble gets a small percentage from every sale via affiliate linking. All products found can be purchased directly via one of our affiliate partners and Izooble makes 5 to 10% depending on the product. As a result, only the best products based on the opinion of your network will appear in search, not the best marketable products.

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