We launched our private beta! We will be slowly inviting new people in over the next couple of weeks to test it and help us make the product better. So keep an eye on your inbox!


Personalized recommendations

With Izooble recommendations are finally done right. We developed a generic search algorithm that finds and extracts only those products that are reviewed and recommended by the people that matter to you: your friends and family. Imagine this social discovery service for almost every product you can think of….


Only follow stuff and people you like

With smart filters you can fill your stream with items you like, from only the people you are interested in. You want to follow your brother’s expertise on sci-fi books, your best techy friend on the latest new apps and your favorite movie critic on the latest action movies.


Free of ads and no privacy concerns

Of course you are not interested in advertisements and pushed products. That’s why Izooble is free of advertisements and not pushed by companies! We don’t need your personal information and therefor can fully respect your privacy. We only focus on the best personalized results.

  • "Recommendations finally done right."
  • "No products are pushed or advertised!"